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Low-tech, low-budget way to start an online business

Q:   How do I get started with my online business when I am not at all technical and have a very limited budget?

A:  Hi Beth!  You didn't say what you're selling, so I'm answering this question under the assumption that you have a product/service and a target market in mind.  If you don't know the answer to either of these, figure this out before proceeding.

You've got one of two paths you can follow:
1.  Sell someone else's product as an affiliate
2.  Sell your own product or service

Regardless of your option, the quickest and cheapest way to set up a site online is with a WordPress blog.  WordPress is an open-source (free) software program readily available online that can be customized to your look and feel.  Most people do this by installing a WordPress template.  You can simply Google "wordpress template" and you'll be shown thousands of sites featuring free WordPress templates. Don't use the option but instead install WordPress on a hosting account from

However, many inexpensive hosting accounts, like, and (all run from $5-$15/month) already have WordPress installed on their control panels as a part of your hosting account.  In most cases, once you have purchased the hosting, all you have to do is go to your control panel and turn on the WordPress option.  Most of these hosting companies have tutorials to walk you through this process.

Once you have your site set up you need to do the following:

1.  sign up for an email marketing program to begin to capture your visitor's contact info so that you can begin to market to them (I use )

2.  Create a client attraction device (free report or giveaway) to entice you visitor to give you their contact info

3.  Stay in touch with your list members by publishing a newsletter or blogging

4.  Drive traffic to the site by writing articles, social networking, social bookmarking, podcasts, videos, etc.

If you have a service business, you can get more detailed tutorials, downloadable audio, and how-to articles
to implement any of these strategies with a membership to

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