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How to create an online forum

Q:  How do I set up a new forum, where do I start for content? The website is on Internet Marketing, List Building.

A:  Hi Charlotte–

Starting a new forum is a challenge, to say the least.  It can be difficult to get it going and flourishing.

First you need forum software.  Here are a couple I've seen in use and which seem to be effective.  I've not personally used any of these, so I cannot comment on how easy they are to install and maintain:

1.  VBulletin,
2.  PHPBB ,   (this is open source, i.e. free)
3.  Invision Board,

And, here's a site I've found that lists a number of solutions which you can compare one to another:

In terms of getting the forum started, you need to post regularly to the forum, whether that's citing resources you've found that your members would find helpful or asking provocative questions to which they would respond.  You could offer a free membership (or something free of charge) to a colleague or two to help moderate the forum.  Ask those moderators to offer resources or ask questions, as well.  You could offer a similar freebie to others who have been active on similar forums to entice them to come and participate in your forum.

Realize that only about 10% of your members will actively participate in the forum.  You'll have many more who read the forum, but not that many who will actively ask and answer questions.

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