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How to Launch an Online Coaching Business

How to Launch My Coaching BusinessQ:  I will be launching a new site: Mystic Quantum Life Coach in a couple of months and I don’t know where to start. I guess I’m asking “where do I begin marketing for a future launch?”

Kathy Z

A:  Hi Kathy!  Congrats to you on your new business!  It’s an exciting place to be at the beginning of a launch!

Here’s what you should do to get ready:

1.  Target Market. Make sure you understand your target market and know where to find them, as well as determining what you can offer and then describe your ideal client.  Who are the kinds of people with whom you enjoy working? What is it that you do best?   Here are some great articles on my blog that will help you with this:

How to Find Your Niche, Determine Your Ideal Client, and Target Your Market.

Then, once you have a better picture of your target market developed, here’s another article I’ve written on how to find them online: How to Find Your Target Market Online.

Then you need to determine what to ask them once you’ve found them: 10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Target Market.

2.  Answer the Million-Dollar Question.  What is the most pressing problem of your target market? What is it that keeps them up at night?  When you determine that, write a quick tips sheet or report on the topic and answer the question.  I call this your Client Attraction Device. Here are some articles on my blog that can help you:

3.  Create an opt-in page for your Client Attraction Device.  You don’t even need a website to do this any longer.  The easiest way to do this is by using my new favorite tool, LeadPages.  You want to do this to begin building your email list, which will become the most important asset in your business.

How to Triple Your Ezine Opt-ins With a Squeeze Page

4.  Create a Stay-in-Touch Strategy.  You’ll want to stay in touch with the people who opt-in for your free report.  Initially, you’ll want to set up a few autoresponders that go out to these subscribers as followup to your initial report.  You’ll then want to send them regular emails (weekly) about what’s going on in your business and/or what you offer (coaching, products, etc.)  You could do this via an email newsletter or a blog update.  I highly recommend the email marketing program aWeber to do all of this.  They have templates you can use to easily communicate with your list.

This articles on my blog will help you:

5,  Web Site:  Then, I’d work on creating an authority web site.  Here’s an article to help you with this:

10 Steps to Creating a Lead-Generating Authority Web Site

6.  Bonus tip:  For more help in creating and implementing these strategies, names of the resources and tools I use to implement these strategies, and answers to your questions, become a member at

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