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Facebook Nightmares

Well, I guess social networking has firmly wiggled its way into my
unconsciousness. I had my first disturbing dream about Facebook the other
night…LOL. In my dream, I was being snubbed by all of these people I knew in
high school and college, but had absolutely no idea why. I would speak to them,
and they walked on by, as though I didn't even exist, while acknowledging the
person who was beside me. In the dream, I was talking to another group of
friends about the situation, and one of my friends said something pretty
offensive. Another friend turned to me and said, "Like that! That's what you do
on Facebook! That's why no one wants to talk to you." I protested in vain to
this friend that I DID NOT post offensive updates on Facebook, by any stretch of
the imagination. Then I woke up from this very strange dream.
 I guess there could be any number of deep psychological reasons from my
childhood that might explain this dream, but my explanation is much simpler. I
need to get off my lazy rear end and create a few fan pages on Facebook for my
business and switch the bulk of my followers to those pages. I have had a couple
of non-business friends ask me what was up with all the blog updates and the
like that I post on Facebook. They, of course, aren't in my target market, and
couldn't care less about what I do in my business.
 I guess their comments made a deeper impression on me than I thought, especially
if I'm having nightmares about them…
 To your online success!

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