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How Do I Make Money with a PLR Product?

How Do I Make Money with a PLR Product?Q:  I would like to know: when you buy a product to resell with a squeeze page etc. how exactly do you set it all up and promote it so that it makes money for you?

Debbie O’Connor

A:  Hi Debbie—

It sounds like you’ve purchased a PLR product, which stands for Private Label Rights product.  With this kind of product, you can usually change the content as you want and then resell it.

Here’s what I would suggest that you do to make this product your own and have it make money for you:

1.  Keyword research.  Conduct some keyword research to determine for which keywords you should be optimizing on the page. Google’s External Keyword Tool is a good resource for this, or if you really want to drill down in a niche, try NicheFinder software.

Typically, you get best results by optimizing for one keyword per page.  You can use most of the tips for on-page SEO that I write about in my article, Article Marketing SEO: 7 SEO Tweaks to Make the Search Engines LOVE Your Articles!

2.  Keyword-rich domain.  A .com domain name that contains your primary keyword still slightly outranks those sites without a keyword-rich domain.  I highly recommend GoDaddy for domain purchases.

3.  Webhosting.  Your site has to have a place to call home.  I highly recommend Bluehost as your webhosting provider.  They permit you to host an unlimited number of domains, which comes in quite handy when you’re marketing online.

4.  Customize the graphics.  Change the ebook cover or graphics on the sales page so that it doesn’t look like everyone else’s version of this product.  I realize that one of the reasons you purchased this product is due to the fact that graphics were included, but you really don’t want to have graphics identical to others who have also purchased this product.

5.  Make it your own. Update the sales page copy and/or the ebook content so that it sounds more like you.  This is more important if you are a service provider and integrating this product in with others that you sell.  If this product is a one-off product and you’re not an expert in the industry, this step isn’t as important.

6.  Set up email marketing system.  You need an email marketing system to collect the email optins from your squeeze page.  I highly recommend aWeber for this purpose.

7.  Create autoresponders.  Since you now have your email marketing system, you’ll want to add in some followup emails, called autoresponders, which automatically go out to everyone who has opted into your list. Check out my article, How to Create Effective Autoresponders to Keep in Touch with Your Prospects, for more details on how to do this.

8.  Promote your giveaway.  Since you have a ready-made squeeze page that offers an ethical bribe (giveaway) to opt in, now you need to promote the ethical bribe. You’ll want to promote your opt-in offer in as many places as possible.  Here are 2 great articles I’ve written with over 20 places to do just that: 10 Proven Methods to Promote Your Free Client Attraction Device and  10 More Proven Methods to Promote Your Free Client Attraction Device.

9.  Promote your squeeze page.  You also need to drive traffic to your squeeze page. One of the best ways to do that is by creating content about your product and distributing it online. My article here explains more: Article Marketing: How Writing Just One Article a Week Can Drive Massive Traffic to Your Web Site.  You can also check out my training program, which explains this in more detail: Content Marketing 101: How to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Web Site, Leverage Your Expertise, and Add Hundreds of Prospects to Your List mp3 Audio, PDF Transcript, and PDF Guide.

10.  Syndicate your content. In order to get your content into the hands of your target market, you have to ensure that it can be found online.  One of the best ways to do this is via content syndication. You can read more about this in my article, Content Marketing: 10 Ways to Dominate Your Niche Through Content Syndication.

My colleague, Melissa Ingold, offers a monthly program on how to make money with PLR in her PLR Income Formula Program. Or, you can check out for even more info on how to market your business online.

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