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Join.meWhen working online, it often becomes necessary to share your screen with a colleague or client so that you can show them what you’re doing.  That ability makes your demonstration much easier and much clearer.  Now there’s a quick way for you to share your screen with a whole group of people — free of charge! permits you to get your people together, up to 250 of them, without actually getting them together. Just click share to download and run the app and share your screen, instantly. No need for a plane, train, or sandwich platter.

The application is quite easy to use. In the free version, you can access:

* screen sharing
* chat
* remote control
* file transfer
* multi-monitor
* iPad/iPhone or Android viewer

In the Pro (paid) version, the following features are in addition to what is available with the free account:

* personal link and background
* meeting scheduler
* meeting lock
* user management
* international conference lines

For the participants, there’s no account to create or software to download.  Participants simply click on the link provided and they can instantly see the host’s screen.  There’s also a teleconference number provided as a part of the service for the host and participants.  And, if your participants are on a smart phone, offers both an iPhone and Android app.  Best of all, the service works on both a PC and a Mac.

Start sharing your screen here.

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