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How to Embed Videos In Email

Q:  I want to send a 60 second commercial spot embedded in an email so that is open and ready to be clicked and ready to play when the recipient opens the email.  How can I do this?


A:  Hi Paulette–

Unfortunately, right now it’s not possible to send videos via email.  The best that you can do is either include a hyperlink in your email where someone can go online to view the video, or include an image that is linked to the online video, which will play when the recipient lands on the video page.

You may have seen what appears to be video in an email, but in reality, it’s just a screen shot of the video screen that has been included in an email.

If you’re using mobile marketing, you can use a QR (Quick Response) code on your marketing materials.  When the mobile phone scans this QR code, the user will be taken to the online video page to play the video.  You can do the same thing from your mobile web site in that you can embed a URL that will take the visitor to your mobile-ready video.  Typically your video will need to be in MP4 format to play on a smartphone, rather than in a flash file format, which, until recently, has been the video format of choice on web sites.

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