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Internet Marketing for Authors

Q:  For the long term I want to provide UK authors and publishers with a variety of internet promotional services.  At present I am setting up a number of niche book-related websites.  How do I build my number of visitors to these sites?

Paul Mason

Hi Paul–

Rather than setting up a number of niche book-related websites, all of which will take a great deal of time to promote, I would suggest that you pick a target market and put all of your efforts into promoting one site to one target market, i.e. internet marketing for UK non-fiction authors, for example. Then, once you have success in that target market, use the same strategy to promote yourself to other target markets.

Traffic generation for this kind of site follows the same formula that I've given many times before:

1.  Sign up with an email marketing service (I use

2.  Create a client attraction device to get visitors to sign up to be on your list.

3.  Stay in regular touch with your visitors via an ezine and a blog.

4.  Take the articles you have created for your ezine and blog and get them on article directories.  I use for this.

5.  Add these articles to your web site and repurpose your articles into press releases, social networking posts, podcasts, videos, teleclasses, etc.

6.  If you don't yet have a web site, develop a basic blogsite that speaks to your target market by explaining the benefits of working with you or hiring you.

7.  Become active on 1-2 social networking sites frequented by your target market and post updates with relevant info that they can use.

8.  Once you have enough articles written, start to repurpose these article into info products that you can sell.

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