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What’s Old is New Again

Eric and I went to see the new Star Trek movie over the weekend.  It's
a great movie, btw, if you have any interest in the Star Trek
franchise, although they did change the storyline a bit..;) I remarked to Eric
that it looks as though we're coming full circle in our lives.  Hollywood is now
regularly filming remakes of movies/TV shows where the originals were created
during our lifetime (i.e. Charlie's Angels,Brady Bunch,
Star Trek).  I see some fashion trends returning as well (let's hope
that we don't see maxi dresses or go-go boots again! <g>), as well as the
return of some tried and true marketing methods, like direct mail.

does that mean that there are really no new ideas — that the best we can do is
remake what has already been created?  I sincerely hope not, although it is fun
to see things that were in our imaginations 40-50 years ago now coming of age
due to advances in technology.  Hey Scottie, can you beam me up??  Oh, if only
the Star Trek transporter was available today — I might decide traveling is
worthwhile again! LOL

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