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Choosing software for a membership site

Q:  Your membership site looks wonderful.  What software do you use for your site?

A:  Hi Leisha–

I looked long and hard at a variety of membership site software, and I chose one that might not be as popular because of the fairly high upfront costs. It's called Membergate, and here's why I chose it:

1.  Best tech support.  I can submit a ticket on the MG ticket system and usually have an answer within 30 minutes during normal U.S. business hours.

2.  Open to suggestions.  Anytime I want to do something a bit differently than what the software is designed to do, I can make a request and either get info about how the system can do that, or that the developers will put it on the list for consideration for the next upgrade.

3.  No ongoing costs.  Once you have made your initial investment for the software service ($3995 for up to 1000 subscribers as of this writing), there are no additional costs, other than your hosting (about $92/quarter).  Many systems have you pay a monthly fee indefinitely.  Once you hit 1000 active subscribers, you will be asked to pay another $3000 or so, which will take you up to 2,500 subscribers, I believe.

4.  SEO support.  Membergate is designed to provide you maximum Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help you get found easily by the search engines.

5.  Built-in features.  I don't currently use all of the features that MG offers.  However, because they are so extensive and I can activate them when I'm ready to use them, I have a software service that's designed to grow with me as I grow my membership site.

6.  Excellent video training.  Trying to figure out how to make the software work for you can be daunting.  MG provides a large number of video tutorials and written checklists to help you get started quickly.

Best of all, when you contract to buy the software service, they include graphic design to help you customize your site for your audience.

And, if you'd like more info on running membership websites, check out membership in Membership Site Owner, which is run by Tim Kerber, one of the founders of Membergate.

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