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Category Archives for Hurricane Rita

Preparing for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is traditionally between June 1 – Nov. 1. However, here in SE Texas, our prime season falls between mid-August and mid-October, as that is when hurricanes tend to make landfall

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The Forgotten Hurricane

I had the joy of attending a book signing this weekend by an author who’s near and dear to my heart, Joyce King.  She lives in Dallas, and I first became acquainted with her when I read her

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Riding the Storm Out Teleseminar

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that last year was a rough one for me when Hurricane Rita paid me a visit.  This weekend I heard about a great teleseminar

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Hurricane Rita– One Year Later

On this day one year ago, I was packing my home to evacuate from Hurricane Rita in what became the drive from hell (8 hours to travel 75 miles) to leave this area.  I later discovered that 8 hours

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Remembering the Hurricanes

Well, it’s hurricane season once again, and we’re quickly approaching the anniversary dates of both Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. I experienced both of those in some form last year. 

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