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Hurricane Rita– One Year Later

On this day one year ago, I was packing my home to evacuate from Hurricane Rita in what became the drive from hell (8 hours to travel 75 miles) to leave this area.  I later discovered that 8 hours was a breeze — many of my friends who headed to Dallas, Austin, and Arkansas had 22 – 28 hour evacuation trips.  Wow, I can’t even imagine — I was exhausted after sitting in my car traveling at a snail’s pace for 8 hours.

How has life changed in the last year?  Southeast Texas is much better prepared to handle hurricane evacuations now, as is the Houston area.  I certainly have much more respect for the damage a hurricane can do that I ever did previously.  However, the Rita’s swath of damage is still evident, from "blue roof" homes that have yet to be repaired, to businesses that are still damaged and shuttered, to "help wanted" signs at that are present at every restaurant and big retailer in town, as labor is still in short supply.

If you missed my chronicle, "Running from Rita" on this blog last year, you can read about it here: Running from Rita

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be hurricane-free this year..:)

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