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Preparing for Hurricane Season

Hurricane season is traditionally between June 1 – Nov. 1. However, here in SE Texas, our prime season falls between mid-August and mid-October, as that is when hurricanes tend to make landfall in this area. I grew up about 70 miles north of where I live currently and never really paid attention to hurricane season as a kid, as no hurricane in my parents’ lifetime had ever come that far inland.  Apparently, we had experienced a longer-than-normal lull in hurricane landings for the 50 years prior to 2005.

Well, that all changed with Hurricane Rita in 2005 and then with Hurricane Ike in 2008. Now, I live right on the Sabine River, which feeds into the Gulf of Mexico. That entrance from the Gulf provided the route that Hurricane Ike chose to follow in 2008 when SE Texas got the back-end of the storm that made landfall in Galveston and brought extreme flooding to this area. Needless to say, I now take hurricane season VERY seriously! :)

This past weekend, I located our Hurricane Readiness Box that I’d packed away in 2008 after we returned home from the Ike evacuation. I’m keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed that we won’t need it this year.  In fact, I’m hoping for another 50-year lull..;->

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