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Your To-Do List Planning, Simplified

One of the things I’ve always hated about to-do list software is that I’ve had to add my to-do list items to a project and give them a completion date. There are to-do list makers that simply let you do a brain dump of all of your to-do’s, but ultimately that doesn’t work for me, either. I was looking for an in-between solution, and I recently found it.

Coolendar offers a new level of planning software. It advertises itself as something simple that works for you, without the noise of handling a calendar or tasks app. I think that the key to making a good to-do list app is to not over-complicate things and not confuse the user by making it too difficult to use or adding features they’ll never use.

Instead of these overhead matrix-like calendar views, Coolendar gives you a simple list of your planning entries. To keep yourself organized, simply use custom #tags like you might with Twitter. So, I have #toread, #tobuy, #clientname as some of my tags to help me see only one “project” at a time, if I wish to sort my list in that way. And, if you’re working with a group, you can create group plans in a social way together with your @buddies.

You can forget having to set task durations: Just tell your Coolendar when (date and time) and what, in human language. For example: tomorrow 8am add new article to site #OBU. This shows up as a task to do the next day at 8 AM on my calendar. I found the syntax easy to learn, which lets me add multiple events to my list in a matter of seconds. I can sort on my #OBU tag to read just those tasks I need to do for my membership site, or look at my tasks by day, if I have assigned a day to them.

Coolendar ties in neatly with your Google account (that’s how you register for an account) and syncs with your Google calendar. Once you have authorized the app, you can get started right away and your calendar will automatically appear. The first thing you’ll want to do is update your date and time preferences to ensure that these are correct. Coolendar is available wherever you are: on the Web, your mobile device, your Kindle, Google Talk, and your email. Best of all, it’s free!

Start organizing your to do lists here.

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