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How to Sell on Clickbank

Q: Hi Donna, I’m in the process of making a membership site in the personal dev./natural healing niche. I’m assuming that it should be a Clickbank site if I want affiliates to promote it – but I heard affiliates won’t promote a site with an opt-in box. My question: Does this mean I should forgo the opt-in box or look for a Clickbank alternative? Thank you so much!

Miriam Langsam,

A: Hi Miriam! Thanks for your question. Congrats on starting a membership site — that’s exciting! In a nutshell, many Clickbank affiliates do want to build their own lists, so yes, they may hesitate to promote an offer with an opt-in box on the product’s sales page. One workaround for this might be to have two versions of your sales letter, one with an opt-in form and one without. The one without the opt-in box would be for Clickbank affiliates. You could buy another domain name similar to that of your original domain and permanently forward it to the Clickbank-only sales page and provide that domain URL for your Clickbank affiliates.

If that isn’t an option, Clickbank is just one site where affiliates will promote your product. Others include:

1. Commission Junction
2. E-Junkie
4. Linkshare
5. Google Affiliate Network Program
6. JVZoo
7. PayDotCom

Some of these may be more difficult to get accepted into than others.

You may want to set up your own affiliate program first. Two affiliate manaagment programs I can recommend are the ones found at E-Junkie and Kickstart Cart.

You’ll want to be sure that you have plenty of promotional info for your affiliates like banner ads, email texts, Twitter and Facebook posts, classified ad texts, and that you’ve thought thoroughly about all the components of your affiliate program. Here’s one of my articles that will help you with this process: How to Set Up an Online Affiliate Program to Sell Your Products and Services

However, so that your affiliates get sales, you’ll need to be sure that your sales page converts. You’ll want to do some testing with different images, headlines, etc. to see which version of your page converts best. If you’re using WordPress for your site, simply look up “WordPress split test plugin” to see some free and paid options.

Lastly, here’s a great resource I found that might help you from a trusted colleague: How to Get Your First InfoProduct on Clickbank by Nicole Dean.

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