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One True MediaLet’s face it — video creation isn’t always easy.  Whether it’s having to learn a screen-sharing program like Camtasia or edit something you’ve created in front of a webcam, mastering the art of video creation takes time.  Now there’s a service that makes it very quick to create an online video.

One True Media is an online service that allows you to easily create video and photo montages.  Once created, you can then easily post them on your social networking profiles, email them, post them on YouTube, send them to a cell phone, make a public gallery, or burn them to a DVD that you can purchase directly from the site.  This is the perfect place if you’re a video novice and need a little hand-holding to create video.

To create a video, you simply upload your photos or video; add in effects, transitions, text and music; choose a style, and you have a video!  While the interface may first appear to be a bit overwhelming, you’ll discover after looking around that it’s actually pretty easy to navigate.

They offer both a free option and a premium option.  With the free option, you’re limited to a 30-second video, while with the Premium option (only $3.99/month or $39.99/year), you can make a video up to 60 minutes in length, download and save the video to your computer, or post it to YouTube or Facebook.  With both, you have full access to a large number of video styles, as well as to their music library.

Create a video for your business here.

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