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I've been looking for a project management system for a long time, and have evaluated a number of services, both fee-based and free.  My preference has always been to have one integrated system that would serve as both a virtual office and a project management center.  However, in the all-in-one systems, one or the other never worked as well as I would like, so invariably I would end up with two systems.

Now I'm using SmartSheet for project management..  The interface looks like a simple spreadsheet but offers many great formatting options so that you can create various categories for a project and list the tasks underneath the category.  You can add additional rows and columns as you need them and create drop-down menus for the options in a column so that your data entry will remain consistent.

One of the coolest features is the ability to attach documents directly to a task to further clarify what needs to be completed.  Then once your sheet (project) is updated, you can share by giving someone access to the sheet online or send that person a PDF of the sheet.  Eventually they will enable the feature of being able to embed the sheet into a webpage as well as being able to notify others by email when a sheet is updated.

SmartSheet is in beta, so you can can get an account fr*ee of charge, which includes 2 sheets (i.e. 2 projects).  They are also offering special pricing to upgrade to an account offering more sheets.

Get your fr*ee version here.

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