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Hiring someone to help me with my Internet marketing

Q:  I was wondering if you would suggest hiring an internet marketer to do everything you are teaching on your membership site.  In other words, how could I find someone who will do all the work for me (i.e. college student) while I write my ebooks? Although I have somewhat of an interest in knowing everything that goes on within my business, I would rather hire somebody who has the knowledge and will do everything for me while I take the time to create my product. What are your thoughts? How would I go about finding such a person, i.e. college student, or small business?


A:  Hi Wayne — great question, as this is a big conundrum for many online business owners. Yes, this does make sense, if you can afford it.  So many of my clients who are just starting out don't have an extra $500 – $1000 a month or so to hire someone to implement Internet marketing strategies for them. The cost depends on the extent of your marketing strategy, or how many ways you want to drive traffic to your site (PPC, SEO, article marketing, content marketing, blogging, video, authority website, etc.)

The downside to hiring someone without an understanding of the processes is that you set yourself up to be taken advantage of.

So, before hiring someone to help you with your Internet marketing, here's a few things to keep in mind:

1.  Are they using automated systems that can easily be integrated into your current marketing practices?

2.  How much time will it take to set up systems before the implementation begins?

3.  What kinds of reporting do you receive?  How is your ROI (Return on Investment) measured?

In terms of hiring someone to help you, I wouldn't hire a college student, as they typically aren't going to know what to do unless you train them. For best results, hiring a small business is more more effective, and in the long run, more cost effective, as they typically have the type of experience you are seeking.

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