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Buying a Ready-Made Products Site

Q.  I am a first time at home business owner and all I have is my small web site,  It only has 20 items because that is what I can afford now.  I have had it up and running for a month but no sales or shoppers.  Please take a look at it and give me some ideas on attracting customers. 

A.  Hi Teresa–

Unfortunately, I think you’ve been conned and the only people making money with this type of site are the people selling the template.  In order to be successful with a site like this, you need to have a niche market, like selling just dog products or just truck beds or just cell phone accessories or just jewelry supplies.  Your products are all over the map, and the "collectibles" market is WAAY too large to target.  If you have the ability to change all of your products to one target market or one kind of product, that’s the first step I’d take.  You might make a few sales off your site as it looks currently, but they’ll probably be to family and friends.

The only way I see being able to make some money from a site like this is to optimize each individual page for keywords for the product name,  (if you’re able to change the pages at all) and take out some PPC advertising.  Setting up an eBay store might be another option or selling on Froogle (Google sales site).

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