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Q:  I have been following your newsletter and your articles on Sitepro News for several months. I am the webmaster for a non-profit organization (Learning Center for Human Development)and I am thinking of writing some articles for "article marketing" to get attention for a project the organization is involved in to save some Joshua forest land in Arizona from being strip-mined for coliche by the large cement companies. I know about Ezinearticles and Goarticles. Are there other good sites you can recommend? Appreciate your input and your great work.


A:  Hi Robbi–The best tool that I can recommend for submitting your articles is a service, I've been using them regularly now since 2005, and after you set up the account (takes about an hour), you can go in and submit your article in as little as 10 minutes.  They automatically submit to and, among many hundreds of other sites, including, where you read my articles.  The service isn't free (it's $47/month), but you can submit an unlimited number of articles through this service.

If you still want to go through the manual submission process, here's an article on listing other recommended article and are two other high-traffic sites you may want to try.

You'll also want to search for publications, article sites, and blog that are environmentally-focused, like "environment blog", "environment articles", etc.  You'll have to manually submit to these places, as most niche sites like these don't typically receive articles from the well-known article banks and directories.

Members of can download this checklist, Top 25 Article Submission Sites, as a part of their membership. This checklist lists the article directories and banks with the most traffic — they are the ones that will get you the most bang for your buck.

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