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Castle, Part 2

I guess the ABC Television series, Castle is popular! 
I fielded quite a few emails and comments about the article I wrote last week
regarding the brilliant marketing strategy ABC is using by publishing a book
written by the lead (fictional) character of the series.  I think the
series has a HUGE number of female fans, if the comments I received were any

I mentioned in last week's article
how the actor who plays Richard Castle, Nathan
Fillion, also played Capt. Mal Reynolds in one of my fav sci fi series,
. So, in an unexpected turn of events, in this week's episode Castle
dresses up as a space cowboy (i.e. his character, Mal, from Firefly) when
he's trying on costumes in preparation for his Halloween party.

Now, the icing on the cake would have been to
permit him to mention the uncanny resemblance between himself (Castle) and Mal
Reyolds of that little sci fi show that was canceled after one season or to make
some other reference to it other than just the clothing….Guess the Castle
writers either couldn't overcome the copyright issues with the Firefly folks or
didn't think of doing so.  Had they made the connection more overt, I bet
it would have greatly increased DVD sales of both Firefly and the
followup movie, Serenity.

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