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Advertising unique product

Q:  I'm new…I have a unique product. How do I advertize? Thank You!

A:  Hi Leslie — You could advertise in holistic publications, but I think you'd get better results from the following:

1.  If you do any in-person work (am unable to ascertain this from your site), you need to list where you are, along with a Google map to your location.  If you're not doing in-person work, you still need to list your mailing address and phone number so that your customers are confident that they can reach you if needed.

2.  Start building a list. The best way to do this is by giving away something of value that will solve one of the problems of your target market.  This could be an ebook, audio, video, special report, etc.

3.  Capture visitor informaiton.  Use a email marketing program like so that you can capture the name and email address of your visitors when they request your free giveaway.

4.  Stay in contact with your visitor.  The easiest way to do this is by publishing an email newsletter in which you provide helpful info to your target market.

5.  Write and submit articles.  One new article each week published through the article marketing service I use,, will help drive traffic to your site.

6.  You can also drive traffic from doing some simple search engine optimization on your site.

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