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Video Hosting and Editing

Q:  What is a recommended software program to use to create and edit videos to place on a website or blog?

Kelly Johnson

Hi Kelly– Great question!  I'm just now exploring video options and here's what I have discovered.

1. and let you upload your videos at no charge and provide a code to embed them on your site, but you're stuck with the YouTube and Viddler logos on your video. 

2. is a great beginning place to start for uploading and hosting audios (can't do any editing with this service).  The directions are simple, and you can create the player in multiple sizes to correspond with the amount of space you have to insert the video on a web page.  However, once you start getting traffic to these videos, your bandwidth usage will increase and you may end up paying more than you intended for bandwidth overages.

3.  Amazon S3 offers really cheap video hosting, but it's pretty difficult to set up on its own.  There's a membership site,, that you can join that walks you through the process and incorporates a variety of video players and social networking viral video options.  There is something of a learning curve involved here.

4.  For screen capture video (ideal for online training), I recommend Camstasia Studio,  There's a similar open source version called CamStudio, but I don't know that much about it.

5.  Animoto for Business is a fairly inexpensive option to create PPT-type videos with audio as well.

6.  For regular video editing, I usually hear iMovie recommended for Macs (is part of the installed Mac software) and Windows Movie Maker for PCs (is part of the Windows software).  However, for PCs, I've heard more people mention Sony Vegas Movie Studio. You can compare versions here.

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