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Recording on the Go

AudiobooWant to create short audio messages to embed on your web site or send out to your social media connections? You can now record those audios either from your computer or your mobile device.

Audioboo  is the simplest way to create and share audio.  You can use it for reporting, for story-telling, quick tips on your site, or for client testimonials.

Recording couldn’t be simpler. Download the app onto your mobile device or use the record button on your Profile page. Recording on a desktop allows you to do everything the app does but also adds in the ability to upload audio recorded on other devices. Once you have made or uploaded your recording, or “boo,” as they call it, then you can go ahead and add a title, some tags, a photo and pick a location it was recorded in. There’s a 3 minute limit on recordings for the free plan.

You can boo anonymously from the mobile app, but it’s much more powerful with an account. Simply sign up and enter your email and you’ll receive a link to choose an account name and password.  Then, complete your profile, your real name, a short bio and a web link, which makes it makes it easier for people to know who you are. You can also upload a photo or choose to use use Gravatar, a globally recognized Avatar (use the same email as your Audioboo one).

If you hear a boo that you like, try following that person via the Follow button. They will then appear in a separate column in your account, which makes it simple to keep up-to-date with their boos. You can find people by listening to featured or popular boos, as well as searching for things you’re interested in. You can also send a private audio boo to someone from his profile page.

You can choose to link to Twitter, Facebook, Posterous, Tumblr or Friendfeed. This will make sure your boos appear in your accounts on those platforms as well as always being available on Audioboo. With Facebook, you even get a fancy player. You can also choose to listen to people’s boos as podcasts. Just choose the iTunes button on their account page.

Audioboo works on iPhone, Android and Nokia devices, and you can also record via the web. Soon they will add Blackberry and Windows Mobile. If you need to record audio greater than 3 minutes in length, you can upgrade your account to Audioboo Plus for an annual fee, and you’ll receive 30 minutes of record time per boo, ability to post to Facebook Fan pages (not just profile pages), enhanced iTunes podcaster settings, and a chance to be included on the Audioboo iTunes page.

If you’re thinking about hosting a podcast, Audioboo is ideal. They will host your audio, take care of streaming bandwidth, integrate your podcast feed with iTunes, enable simple sharing with social networks and offer you a range of different embeddable players so you can easily include audio in your web site or blog.

Start recording your audio here.

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