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How to Become a Web Designer?

Q:  Do you have any articles or books that provide detailed info and tips on web design? I am recently disabled and unemployed. About the only thing I could possibly do is work from a laptop while lying in a recliner. I thought I might possibly be able to do website design if I could obtain the proper resources to educate myself; however, I am finding this to be a tough endeavor due to the many skillsets required. An article or publication that provides this type information in a Guide format would be a great resource. Do any such resources exist?


A:  Hi Bill–

There’s really 2 aspects of website design.  The first is the technical aspect, which is the coding and graphic design that creates the look of the site and makes it operate.  The second aspect is the marketing aspect, which covers the layout, copywriting, and sales strategy.    Most webdesigners are very proficient in the technical aspects of site design but have only a rudimentary education about strategies that can be employed to get real results from the site.

So, for a well-rounded web design education, here’s what I would recommend:

1.  A basic course in website design.  A great online resource is the HTML Writers Guild.  They also teach program-specific classes as well.  All classes are offered online.  Course discounts are offered with purchase of a one-year membership.

2.  Purchase of a web design program.  Dreamweaver comes highly recommended for professional design.  If you want to start inexpensively, try CoffeeCup.

3.  Join a few online forums that deal with website design and Internet marketing.  WebProWorld is one that I can recommend

4.  Start subscribing to free ezines that deal with website design.  I recommend getting started with SitePro News.

5.  A comprehensive ebook that teaches how to put a website together that will build relationships and sell.  For this I recommend Robert Middleton’s Website Toolkit.

I’ve also got a couple of articles on the subject of website on my site:

I would also encourage you to subscribe to my newsletter, Work Smarter Make More, as well as to my blog, Get More Clients Online Blog.

6.  A comprehensive manual with all the nuts and bolts of Internet Marketing.  There’s nothing more comprehensive than the Internet Marketing Center’s "Insider Secrets to Internet Marketing". 

Make plans to keep investing in your professional development.  You’ll never get to the point where you know it all–online marketing strategies change at the speed of light, so you’ve got to be willing to keep up with what’s new so that you, too, can go with the flow..:)

And, once you think you have some idea of what’s going on, make yourself your first customer and build a website for yourself/your business.  Then ask friends if you can build personal/hobby websites for them. Lastly, ask to intern for a virtual webdesign company for some practical experience.

Good luck!

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