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Holiday Wishes and Wedding Bells

I can hardly believe yet another year has passed.  Time flies when you get older..LOL  Weren’t we just worrying about the Y2K problem the day before yesterday?

I’m taking off next week to do some unpacking from my move a year ago.  Yes, yes, I know.  It’s been a year and I still haven’t unpacked most of my stuff, but really, there’s little room for it.  Guess it’s time for a big spring garage sale. My sweetie, Eric makes fun of me that I work on my vacation, but when else do I have time to do stuff like this?? LOL.  Sigh….oh, to be a guy. I bet Eric will be happy with the unpacking, though, as he’ll be closer to getting back the use of the garage..:)

And, speaking of Eric, I guess I can call him my fiancée now.  He asked me to marry him, and much to his surprise, I said "yes" the first time!  The ring is coming as a Christmas gift, I’m told, so while it’s not yet in my possession, I did help pick it out on my lunch break last week, believe it or not!

Wedding details, TBA, although Eric has put in his request for a Vegas wedding.  He cannot, however, dress as Elvis..LOL

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