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Can a Psychic Use Affiliate Marketing?

Q:  Can a psychic use affiliate marketing? I’m a phone and email reader with great reviews, so I’d like to use affiliate marketing in my business.


A:  Hi Noelani!  Absolutely! There are 2 ways that you can do affiliate marketing.

The first is by setting up your own affiliate program.  That means that you’ll be paying affiliate commissions on your products and services that others are selling for you.  Typically, digital information products (those that can be downloaded online) pay affiates a greater commission (as high as 50-75% of the selling price) than those that are physical products (20-30% of the selling price).  Many people choose to pay the lowest commission on their services because the service actually involves your time, as opposed to selling either digital or physical information products, which have already been created.

You’ll need an affiliate program management system to handle the setup of your affiliate program.  I recommend, which offers a shopping cart, email marketing program, link tracking program, and affiliate management program, all in one.  A less expensive option, eJunkie,  offers a basic shopping cart and affiliate program.  I offer a great affiliate management templates and checklists system, Easy Affiliate Program Management: Checklists & Templates to Help You Successfully Manage Your Affiliate Program  that you can purchase to help you outline your affiliate program.

The second way to use affiliate marketing is by becoming an affiliate yourself and selling other people’s products.  If you can find a great source of information products that would be of interest to your target market (and that offer affiliate sales commissions), you can mention those on your web site, in your ezine, in your social networking status updates, etc.

Connie Ragen Green runs a very comprehensive program on how to get started as an affiliate in her Affiliate Marketing Profit Secrets Course.   You can also become an affiliate on Clickbank, one of the Internet’s largest affiliate networks.  I encourage you to grab a yearly membership to Clickbank Engine to help you get some behind the scenes info on which Clickbank products sell the best.

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