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Getting links from video and article submissions

Q:  I'm writing and submitting lots of articles and submitting videos to build links, but I'm only gaining a small fraction of that in links that are found by Google or Yahoo… Why is that?

Dan Hatcher

A:  Hi Dan–

You may be submitting to video sites or article sites that have "no follow" links, i.e. the site is set up so that you don't get any linking credit in the search engines when you create a link back to your site.  Without more details about where you are submitting, it's difficult for me to say.

However, here's one thing you can do — make sure that in the title, keyword and description features of each article and video site that you are using several keyword phrases by which you want to be found in the search engines.

And, in your resource (bio) box for your articles, be sure to include two hyperlinks — one to link to your call to action, and the other as a keyword link back to your site.  In other words, if you want to get found on the first page of Google for the search phrase "Austin soccer," for example, you would need to include that phrase as a hyperlink in your resource box, and the hyperlink needs to connect to the appropriate page of your site.

And, here's a great online tutorial to help you with SEO and video:

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