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Postrank Analytics

There are a number of tools out there for measuring your blog success. One of them gives you all kinds of information about how many people are reading your blog and actions that they take after reading.

PostRank Analytics is a perfect tool for all publishers interested in growing their online audience. Find out who, where and how people are engaging with your content. Using PostRank Analytics you can discover your influencers, identify which social networks give you the most traction and benchmark yourself against the competition. Since 80% of the attention your content receives starts in a social network, analyzing your social reach just makes sense.

Simply plug in any RSS feed to PostRank, which scores each post in that feed by the number of comments, inbound links, mentions on Twitter, saves on Delicious and other social media metrics. Users may then set up a filtered feed of the most-discussed items. If you tie your site in with Google Analytics, you’ll also be able to see pageviews, bounce rate & average viewing time for each post – which are nice to know when you’re evaluating the effectiveness of that post.

You can:

1. Discover Your Influencers: Online conversations don’t wait. To engage your audience you need to be responsive now. Activity streams show who, when and where your audience is engaging in real-time. Engagement refers to the attention other people pay to your published content, like blog posts, news & articles. They see and read a post, and then because it’s interesting, inspiring, or controversial, they get “hooked” and decide to take further action.

2. Measure Your Performance: Track your off-site engagement, along with on-site metrics integration such as Google Analytics all in one dashboard. Track and understand the full view of your content.

3. Benchmark Your Competition: You want the competitive advantage. Get the inside track on your competitors’ strategies, engagement, and audience.

4. Track Any Kind of Online Content: Your content strategy is multimedia: RSS feeds, video, downloads. We make sure you can analyze any kind of online content.

This service was just acquired by Google and is selectively sending out invites to be a beta tester. Currently the service is free of charge, and I anticipate that will not change.

Discover how you measure up here.

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