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MediaFireRecently I needed a way to get a large file to someone without having to share a folder or send a link in an email. We were working together in a collaborative work space and I just needed to get him the direct link to the file.  Then I discovered a really simple and free solution that helped me do exactly that.

MediaFire is the simplest free file hosting service for businesses, professionals, and individuals to share files and images with others.  You are presented with a simple drag and drop interface and can drag and drop your file onto the page to begin uploading it.   Your files are stored securely with no upload or download limitations, expiration times, or waiting times.  Your recipient can access the file from any computer, mobile phone or tablet computer that has an Internet connection.

The reason I prefer this service over other file sharing applications is the lack of limitations placed on the user. Other similar applications severely limit features based on membership level.  MediaFire avoids doing this, for the most part. However, there file size limits, but the user doesn’t have to wait any specific length of time to download a file and can download simultaneously without waiting.

Best of all, the service is free, and you can begin sending files without registering for an account.  However, if you’re going to use this service over the long-term, I do suggest creating your own account.  You can opt for a Pro or a Business account, which has more features, but for occasional file sharing, a free account should be all that you need.

Start sharing your files here. 

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