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Market Samurai

I’ve bMarket Samuraieen doing more and more keyword research lately, and so have been searching for a keyword research tool with a bit more power than than the free Google External Keyword Tool I’ve been using. I looked at both software and subscription service options, and hit upon a software solution that I found to be reasonably priced.

Market Samurai, is a full-featured downloadable keyword research tool that is accompanied by a significant number of training videos. As you create various keyword research projects, you can save them in Market Samurai to finish or refer to at a later date. In addition to keyword research, you can receive information about market competition, search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. It also comes with other bonus tools for doing article research, social networking research and affiliate resource.

What I love about this tool is that it collects all the information you want with just a few clicks and then displays the information in a format that makes it very easy to compare the competitiveness of different keywords. No more digging around to try and find this information in a subscription-based service. It’s all neatly displayed and organized at your fingertips.

Here’s what you’ll find in Market Samurai:

  • What markets are worth targeting;
  • What markets are worth avoiding;
  • Which keywords you should focus on for fast results;
  • Which keywords should be avoided;
  • Which markets have weak competition;
  • Which markets show impossible levels of competition;
  • What are the chances of achieving front-page rankings for a keyword;
  • What topics you should write articles on for your web site;
  • Where to find quality backlinks;
  • How many backlinks you need;
  • What quality backlinks you need;
  • How to determine the quality of a page for a backlink;

You can download a free trial copy of Market Samurai, and if you purchase within 7 days of downloading the software, you can save about $50 off the purchase price.

Start your keyword research here.

About the Author Donna Gunter

Best-selling author Donna Gunter works with successful business owners who are experts in their fields and established in their industry and are seeking a way to stand out from their competitors. Using her Ideal Clients on Autopilot System©, she helps them determine the exact strategies to generate more qualified leads and better-paying clients with automated systems. This proven system makes all their marketing easier and more effective and they find themselves positioned as the only choice for their clients.

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