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LujureI’ve tried to use a number of applications to help me create a Facebook app in the new Facebook timeline update.  The products I’ve tried out have ranged from services to help you create an app to buying ebooks on how to create an unlimited number of apps using WordPress and a SSL certificate.  My eyes have crossed with all of the possibilities, as well as with trying to learn the programs.  At last, however, I think I’ve discovered one that will let me do everything I need to do for a reasonable price.

Lujure lets you create stunning Facebook fanpage apps without having to have any coding skills.  You can set up and customize your fan page app very quickly.  Their drag-and-drop interface lets you put your app together in as little as 30 seconds.  They provide a number of templates from which you can choose to create your app, or you can create your own app from scratch.  With the widgets, you can import info from Youtube, aWeber, Foursquare, Google, Twitter, and Paypal, to name a few.

One nice feature is the option of importing your site into your Facebook page.  However, if your site is wider than the app (810 pixels), you may have to do some tweaking so that it shows up properly inside Facebook.  And, if you want to create a “LikeGate” app, or one in which is available to fans only after clicking the “like” button on your page, you can do that as well.

Unlike some of the “do-it-yourself” Facebook app options, you don’t need to purchase a SSL certificate for your apps, nor do you have to log in the the Facebook Developer’s section and create an app ID.  Lujure handles all of that for you in the background to make adding a new app to your page a snap.

They offer a free plan to let you try out the program and create one app, and then a $30/month program to create an unlimited number of apps on an unlimited number of pages.

Customize your fanpage apps here.

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