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How to submit articles

Q:  This may sound like a very naive question but who pays for the articles if anyone? I'm a writer with a client who wants some articles written to increase his credibility and I'm trying to figure out if a submission service may be the way to go. How much does this service cost?  Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Anne-Rachelle McHugh

A:  Hi Anne-Rachelle–

The truth is that for online submission, very few sites will pay for articles.  I think that's due to the fact that there are too many high quality articles available at no charge on article directories.  If the goal of your client is to expand his reach and increase his credibility, I would do 2 things with his articles:

1.  Submit them on the major, high-traffic article directories.  I use to submit my articles, and have my clients purchase a separate account through which they submit their articles.  It's the best $37 I spend each month that drives droves of visitors to my website.

2.  Research industry-specific trade magazines and newsletters and determine their article submission criteria.  Many of them may permit him to submit articles previously published online.  Or, they may permit a rewrite of a previously written article instead.

The first strategy will increase his search engine ranking and create strong inbound links to his site as well as enhance his credibility online. The second will serve to build his expertise and credibility in front of his target market.

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