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How do I convert ebooks to audio?

Where can I obtain low cost software to convert my ebook to audio?

Hi Ash–

I'm not aware of any way to directly convert an ebook to audio without you (or voice talent that you hire) reading it into an audio recording program.

However, there are two free audio recording programs available for download:

1.  Audacity is sound recording software for Windows-based computers.  You can also use this to edit your audios

2.  Garageband is a software application that allows users to create music or podcasts developed for Mac computers and is included in all shipments of iLife.

And, if it helps to upload the text of your ebook into a teleprompter for easier reading for recording, you can download one free of charge here.

Lastly, if you need to store your audio and embed a player for the audio into a webpage, you can do that from

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