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Help for in-home tutoring business

Q: I have a one-on-one in-home tutoring business and I would like to attract more clients. What are your recommended strategies?


A:  Hi Sina:

1.  Website. You don't say whether you have a web site, nor whether it is parents hiring you for their children or if you work with college students.  Regardless of your customer base, you should invest in a web site, as both types of customers will look for help online.  I'd actually start with a blogsite, rather than a web site.  You can read more about those in my article, 7 Reasons Blogsites Attract More Visitors and Help You Get More Clients Online.  You'll want to tailor your language on your site to the appropriate target market.

2.  Email marketing system.  You need to purchase an email marketing service to help you capture the names and email addresses of your visitors in an opt-in box.  I use and recommend  Then, you can begin to market to these prospects.

3.  Client attraction device.  You need to offer an ethical bribe, what I call a client attraction device, that is appealing enough to your target market that they will gladly part with their name and email address to get what it is you're offering.

4.  Followup autoresponders.  Create 2-5 followup autoresponders that go out over the next few weeks to the prospects who have signed up for your list and offer them more resources that you have available or begin to upsell them to your products and services.

5.  Stay-in-touch strategy.  In order to keep you top-of-mind with the prospects on your list, you need to "reach out and touch them" regularly via a regular email newsletter (weekly is best) or regular blogging (at least 3 times per week).

6.  Free valuable content.  Put the articles that you write for your ezine or blog on your site to help your visitors and prospects realize that you know what you're talking about and are an expert.

7. Local search marketing.  Being able to be found by local customers is important regardless of your location.  I'm not sure if you live in the U.S. or elsewhere, but if it's outside the U.S., you still may be able to glean some valuable tips on local search from this article: 7 Strategies to Drive Local Traffic to Your Website.

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