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Do You Dare Sell to Your List?

Here’s an interesting email that I got recently that chastised me for daring to try and sell my products and services.  She is someone who requested one of my free reports.  I’ve printed the an excerpt of the original email, and my response below.  I’ve never been accused of “bait and charge” before..:)

Original email excerpt:
>>I have received and read your info.  Thank you.   I am still at a
loss how this all works for me.  I had seen that “infamous” article in Reader’s
Digest regarding VA and making money.  However I still do not know how this may work for me.  It
seems everyone connected to the VA system calls on and then tries to sell their
stuff, guess that is how it works – bait and charge?
>>It appears that all you people what to do is sell things and what
to appear as if you are helping.
>>No wonder you all are making money.
My response:
Your note poses an interesting question for me to ask you.  How many
attorneys do you know who make a living by doing work free of charge?  How about
plumbers or web designers or accountants or financial planners or medical
transcriptionists?  I don’t know of any, and I bet you don’t either…:)


Unless they were born into trust funds and have no financial worries,
anyone who expects to exceed in business cannot afford to give away their time
or information free of charge.  So, while I do give away a substantial amount of
free informational online, I also have to pay my bills like the rest of the
world.  Consequently, that leads me to sell the information and strategies that
has taken me 9 long years to master.  I’m so accustomed to being in business
that I sometimes forget how this infopreneur strategy of offering a free report
might appear to the novice.


Instead of placing very expensive newspaper advertisements, like many
service professionals do, I give away free reports as my form of advertising.
In those free reports, in addition to providing some valuable free information,
I will tell you about my products and services that you can buy for more
in-depth, additional information about the topic.  While you consider this
tactic bait and charge, I consider this simply another form of advertising.
Remember, I am in business to make money — money does help to pay the


If an online business owner isn’t following this model, one of three things
are in play:
1.  he has a physical location and gets more than adequate walk-in or local
traffic and the website serves only as an online brochure
2.  he is a hobbyist with another form of income
3.  he is making his money in some other fashion, as in from Google Adsense
or banner advertising on his site.


When what you sell is information, instead of a more easily identifiable
item like a service, many have the expectation that this information should come
free of charge.  I wouldn’t hire a doctor who hadn’t done his due diligence in
medical school — I’m paying for 8 + years of study for his medical expertise.
<g>  When you buy information, you’re paying for the time it took that
person to hone his expertise. which will shorten your learning curve and keep
you from making some expensive mistakes in your business.


While I don’t equate the info that I sell on the same level as medical
information, I’ve worked pretty hard over a long period of time to figure it out
and feel very confident charging for my expertise.


If you’d like help in determining how to effectively sell your services and
expertise online, I’d be happy to discuss my coaching services with you.  You
can read more about them here:


And yes, that’s another sales pitch.  Those sales pitches help me keep the
lights on..LOL





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