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How to Send Out Your Email Newsletter

Q:  My server (dear ‘ol AOL) shut down my account on my last bulk email effort! I’m currently looking for other ways to send out my newsletters–but the prospects look slim, as every email server seems to have TOS requirements (terms of service) that prohibit bulk mailings (due to spam infringments)! I’m checking with my web hosting program next week about this, and how I might import my address book file from AOL.  Any ideas?

Shari Schreiber, M.A.

A:  Hi Shari–

You’re going to encounter that issue when you try to use any ISP email account to send out a bunch of email, even if everyone did give you their permission.  Spam has gotten so prolific that even if you’re sending a party invite to 150 of your closest friends, your ISP may shut you down and label you a spammer because you sent out too many emails simultaneously.

Your best bet is to use a service like to broadcast messages to your list.  It runs $19.95/month and can handle sending out thousands of messages at a time. I’ve just recently started using this service and LOVE it!



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