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Need to Set Up Delayed Audio Broadcast

Q: I’m wondering what software you would recommend that doesn’t require a monthly fee (like Nanocast) that would allow you to set a clock on a 48-hour interview series for multiple audios.
Linda Nuss

A:  Hi Linda–

The first answer that comes to mind is a service that lets you set up delayed audio broadcasts, and it’s the one I use for my Web casts and teleseminars, Instant Teleseminar.   They now offer an “Autopilot” feature that lets you “set it and forget it.” You can schedule a call, attach a recording, and broadcast it as if it were live over the phone and web. Since the autopilot “hosts” the event, no live host is required on the line or control panel. You can schedule as many autopilot calls as you like, up to 6 months into the future. However, there is a monthly fee for this service ranging from $47/month to $197/month depending on the breadth of features you desire.

Another option is a piece of software that Mike Filisame has just released, Evergreen Business System,  that lets you automate the playing of webinars without a monthly fee.  He’s has just launched the product and I haven’t purchased it, so I can’t recommend it one way or the other.  However, it seems to offer the type of system that you’re seeking. It’s selling for $497 as of the date of this post and he plans to close it out on 8/11/11, so if you’re interested, you need to act fast.

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