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WishboxEver had a web site visitor tell you that s/he couldn’t find something on your site, or something didn’t work properly, and you didn’t understand the information given?  Now there’s a quick way for your visitors to communicate with you to tell you exactly what they need.

Wishbox, by the maker of my favorite form service, JotForm, is a new way to get feedback from your web site users. You will, literally, get to see what your customers want (via a screenshot), get bug reports and feature ideas, and even collect more info by embedding your forms on your web site.

Through its screenshots feature, your visitors will be able to clearly define what the problem is on your site, letting you easily review the problem is and receive suggestions. You can use Wishbox for online customer support, or even manage web design projects with Wishbox as a form of communication between you and your client.

You can use the form on one page, or on all pages of your web site.  In order to use it on WordPress, I inserted the script into a text widget that appears in the sidebar on every page of my site.

You can see my feedback button in action on  Send me feedback, if you like. 🙂

Wishbox is free of charge for up to 100 submissions per month.  They also offer a Premium and Professional subscription plans.

Get your customer feedback here.

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