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Viral Marketing via Rejection

I read in this morning’s Houston Chronicle about a new way to reject people in the dating world.  If you’re asked for your number but don’t really want to give it to the person who’s asking, you can give them a Rejection Hotline number.  Ouch!  Whatever happened to simple honesty?  If you want to hear the rejection message, you can dial the Houston Rejection Hotline number, 713-866-6249, or find the number for your area at  It’s a rather funny message, but I’m sure would be quite hurtful if you were really on the receiving end of this call..:)

According to the owner, the various hotlines got 18 million calls last year, with 80,000 calls to the Houston line alone.  However, until recently, the owner hasn’t made a dime.  He’s just now beginning to profit from it through partnerships and speaking engagements.

From a moral/ethical perspective, I find this idea repugnant, but my business side has to admit it’s a great viral marketing idea.

How can you create a viral marketing idea for your business?

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