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Upselling customers to new products

Q:  I have a fairly high % of people who buy my products and services the first time they get to my website. Fairly high is about 30 – 40%. I find it weird because don’t the stats say people need to see your message 7 – 9 times first?  I can see this trend because the order comes through with their name and THEN they sign up to my list. I even have people that don’t even get on my list but just buy my stuff (granted, these are usually clients who buy my Organise your Business system).  I then find it kind-of hard to sell to people once they’re on my list. I’m judging this based on number of sales vs number of mailing list subscribers. Do you think it’s because I give away such a lot of free things in my intro pack? Do you think I should scale back? Or do you think my prices may be too low so they don’t trust the products?

 Marcia Francois

A:  Congrats, Marcia, that's a great problem to have! LOL  Many of my clients have just the opposite problem. Obviously, you're doing a number of things right, from your copywriting to offering just what someone needs when they need it. 

Your problem could lie in any of these areas that you list, but it's tough to say without asking your customers.  So, ask them!  Create a survey to find out how they're faring by using the info found in your product.  Then ask about any continuing challenges they're experiencing and how they'd like to solve them (1:1 help, another info product, webinar/teleclass, discussion forum, etc.) as well as what they'd pay to solve their problems.  Proceed to create the additional assistance according to the responses that you receive.  Or, if you discover that your product answered all of their questions, then I'd say you're giving too much away with your initial product.

The responses you receive should force your to examine your product funnel.  Once you have some sense of what their problems are, creating ongoing upsells at higher price points to send customers through your system, so that those beginning with an inexpensive product can be upsold through autoresponders to the next levels of products. 

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