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Traveling for Business

For the first time since we've been together, Eric is gone all week to a
business conference in Corpus Christi, TX. Normally, lab techs aren't slated for
any professional development training that occurs off-site. However, he recently
successfully petitioned to join the plant Safety Committee and will now get to
travel 3-4 times per year to various safety-related conferences and training. In
a very parent-like voice, he told me before he left, "No wild parties while I'm

So, of course, when I saw his cell phone number on my caller ID on his first
call to me from his hotel, I cranked up the TV volume and pretended like I had
gobs of people over. He thought that was pretty funny..<g>

It is nice to be a slob this week, not having to worry about cleaning up the
kitchen, cooking only if I want to, and not worrying if the rest of the house is
kept tidy. Better not get too used to this lifestyle, or I'll have a major
cleanup job to complete before he returns this weekend. I'm just going to revel
in my pseudo-single freedom while is lasts…..

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