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Sick Yet Again

Eric had a great business trip last week, but he brought home an
unwanted guest, a bad cold. And, of course, it took only 2 days for me
to catch the cold, as well. Unfortunately, with me, all colds go
directly to my throat and lungs, causing laryngitis. I had to cancel
both teleclasses I had scheduled this week because I sounded like
"archlitch Donna", i.e. the undead, when I could talk at all.

Late last year, during our first bout with colds, a couple of
readers had recommended several things that they take to prevent
getting colds. I'm seriously checking into them now, since this is the
second cold I've had in 4 months. Normally, I don't get sick this
often, but with everyone at Eric's plant working almost 24/7, all of
his co-workers are worn down, have no immunity left, and are all
working sick because they continue to be short-staffed. And, it seems
that when Eric is sick, I am sure to follow.

We've got to do something differently, because this ongoing cycle of
illness is hurting us both. If you have any cold preventative measures
that you use, send them my way. I'm all ears..;)

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