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The Lone Ranger Never Rode Alone

As a card-carrying Introvert on the Myers-Briggs scale, (in addition to being a first-born), I know I have difficulty letting helpful people into my life. My parents raised me with the philosophy of, "If you get yourself in trouble, you better figure out how to get yourself out, and don’t call us for help." So, I’ve taken that to heart my entire life, and in times of trouble and distress, I rely solely on my abilities to get myself out of that stage. In reality, I know my attitude comes from three things in my life: not being willing to tell others when I need help (the introversion); thinking I can do it and should do it all myself and being completely responsible for that (the first born stubbornness); and my parents’ philosophy.

I’ve come to realize of late that it stinks to try and do this all alone. I have friends and family and colleagues who would probably help out, or at least lend an ear, if I would just ask for the help. I keep reminding myself that the Lone Ranger didn’t really ride alone–Tonto was always by his side, helping out — in many ways was his partner and his equal. On the other hand, I’m also cognizant that I don’t want to go overboard and become Wendy Whiner, a character played by Robin Duke on Saturday Night Life in the early 1980′s. I worked with a WW for 7 years at one job, and it was such a relief to see him leave for a new position..;)

In one of my favorite feng shui books, Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter, she writes, "By going it alone, you are not allowing others to stretch their wings and grow by helping you." I had never thought of asking for help as really helping other people. So, I’m remembering that this year, and have focused my Helpful People/Travel gua than I have before.

In your times of distress, let others stretch their wings and grow by helping you. It’s a great principle to remember..:)

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