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The Return Home After Ike

Eric was called back to work last Thursday and had to head home before me. 
I came back late Saturday night.  We were quite blessed in that our home
had little damage and no debris in the yard.  Thanks to all of you who
helped me create the "hurricane force field," as I can come up with no other
explanation of why houses all around us were damaged, flooded, or had trees
down, while our house came through almost entirely unscathed, just as though we
had simply left for a week to go on vacation.

comes the hard part.  My phone system is inoperative, as I don't have a
reliable Internet connection, so I'm forced to use my "hurricane" phone landline
that I've been paying for each month since Hurricane Rita hit in Sept. 2005 as
my "backup" phone in case my cable broadband service went down.  Now I'm glad I forked
over the money for the line, as Time Warner seems to be in no hurry to restore

estimation for restoring my cable broadband is 30-90 days, so I'm
having to limp along with some very poor quality DSL that Eric uses for his office. 
It works for awhile and then completely drops, although this isn't normally the
case.  Sigh.  I REALLY do not
want to have to relocate to my sister's house in Houston to stay in business
until my Internet connection is restored, but this intermittent service is
becoming extremely painful to use.

Will you help me visualize the speedy restoration of my cable broadband service?

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