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Thankful for Virus Protection

I ended up spending last weekend doing something I
thought I'd never be doing — cleaning my computer of Trojan viruses.  I'm
not sure how I got infected to the degree that I did (55 infestations), as all
of my email is scanned as it goes into my inbox, have  an active firewall
protection, and do an automatic virus scan of my computer each night.  I've
never had any type of virus attack in the 11 years I've been online, so this was
a first for me.

When I sat down at my computer Saturday morning, I
was completely dumbfounded because I had multiple virus warning messages from my
virus protection software, AVG, flashing on my screen. I decided to go and check
and see if AVG offered a newer version of the software than the one I had. I
discovered that they did and then downloaded the new version, which did a
thorough scan of my system and quarantined and/or deleted the problem files.

I had noticed late last Friday that popup ads were
showing up in my browser, despite having the popup blocker enabled.  And, I
had to restart my machine several times during the day because all of my RAM
kept being used. So, I knew there was a problem, but didn't know what it was.

Unfortunately, I still don't know where the breach
occurred, which is quite disturbing.  Things on the computer front are back
to normal, fortunately.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that AVG will
provide the protection that I need..:)

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