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My New Computer Monitor is Making Me Sick

Yesterday I felt like death warmed over.  I was really tired and very nauseated.  I had just installed my new HP 23″ LED monitor and it was really, really bright.  However, I took a nap yesterday

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How to Automate My Business

Q:  Where do I start in the process of automating my business? Jacqueline Jones Hi Jacqueline– The place I would start is with your website.  If you don't currently have a website,

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Tuning Up the Computer

Lately, I’ve had some issues with my computer running so slowly that it’s taken 10-15 minutes to move from one task to another.  I realized over the weekend that I hadn’t done

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Overwhelmed by Technology

Q:  I really don’t ‘get it’ when it comes to all the technology and terminology involved yet I still feel enthusiastic about sharing the information and expertise

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