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Make Mine a Million

Apparently, good things come in twos.  I just read about this new organization, in the latest issue of Pink (read about Pink here), as well as in Heidi Richard’s newsletter for the Women’s E-Commerce Association International,  Here’s what Heidi had to say:

I just spent 3 glorious days at the Office Depot Success Strategies for Women Conference.  Why was it glorious? The people, the sessions and all the opportunities available to women in business – In fact, one of the best sessions (IMHO) was "Make Mine a Million Business (TM)" and that brings me to why I?m really glad to share this with everyone.  You may already know that women are starting new businesses at more than double the rate as men.  However, you may not know that women are behind when it comes to the number who own a business that is doing a million dollars or more in revenue annually.  In America alone, of all the women-owned business, only 250,000 are doing over a million dollars or more in revenue.  The movement (created by, "Make Mine a Million Business (TM)" is asking women to declare their intention to reach the Million Dollar Mark.  If you are interested in participating visit:

I pledged to make mine a million dollar business yesterday.  Won’t you join me today?

And, for all you savvy marketers, this is a wonderful example of a viral marketing program (in which you pass along a piece of marketing material that you find valuable along to everyone you know).

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