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How Do I Blog and Keep My Day Job Safe?

Q:  What’s your (and perhaps others) opinions on using your own name when you blog and otherwise communicate with your visitors?  I think I feel better when I communicate with site owners who are using their own names, and not trying to hide something.  I want more than anything to totally "OWN" my dream of living in Spain but it will be difficult, however, to go public with this when I will be providing info to readers about Japan and other countries. AND, I’ll be working in Japan again and I wouldn’t want my bosses or other certain influential people there to know my real dream is to live in Spain. Not yet.

Worried Worker

A:  Hi Worried Worker–

You’re absolutely right to be concerned that your online presence might impact your day job  Every day I read stories of employees who had job offers rescinded or have been fired when the employer discovered their risque photos on MySpace or their rants in their blog.  Since I don’t have detailed info about your situation, here are some questions that you should answer for yourself to help you with your decision:

1.  Am I happy portraying an "undercover" identity with my prospective clients?  If so, how will I "come out" to them when I start the business?  Will they trust me or not at that point?

2.  What’s the worst thing that would happen to you if your employer discovered your blog?  Is your fear realistic?  Based on what?  Can you live with the consequences?

3.  Can you tell your employer about your blog without serious repercussions?  Is there a way to present this to your employer where s/he would view this as a win-win situation?

4.  How does your employer reflect on the public sharing of hobbies?  Can you present this blog to your employer as a hobby/travel dream if you were questioned about it?

5.  What does your employee manual or contract say about outside employment or outside office activities?

I strongly believe that employers do not have the right to dictate what you do off the job as long as it doesn’t impact your on-the-job performance.  However, case law is proving that no longer applies in today’s workforce.  Makes me wonder when they’ll start controlling how you vote, what church you attend, etc…;) And, makes me glad to be my own boss.:)

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