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You Are Your Brand

You are your brand. That’s the secret successful marketers know: customers don’t buy a product. They buy you. Your personality. Your experience. The unique qualities only you possess. Your story. Your

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Brand Yourself With Your Story

Whether you want to touch a nerve, reach a new audience, or boost your sales, storytelling is the most powerful tool in your arsenal. As humans, we love a good story, and when it resonates with us, it

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Clarifying Your Offerings for Bigger Profits

Imagine two stores sitting side-by-side in a popular shopping mall. One is your go-to shop for just about everything. They sell garden tools, candy bars, T-shirts, car parts and baby bottles. The other

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5 Steps to Discovering Your Niche Market

When you are just starting off any business, being a jack of all trades may seem like a good idea, but eventually you will realize that niche market is a far superior alternative. Instead of trying to

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How to Stand Out: Differentiate Your Business with Authenticity

I had lunch several years ago with a colleague in a networking group. We talked about many things and were trying to get to know each other so that we could better understand what might make a great referral

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